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June 19 2012



Average Gamer Spent Over £300 on Videogames This past year

Gamers buying games across multiple devices

ShopTo - London 19th June, 2012 - This past year, gamers throughout the UK bought over 16 games, spending typically £334 based on a survey released today. Laptop computer provides important new insights into how gamers are continuing to get games, inspite of the economy and console cycle, including the way the past 2 years have experienced a dramatic shift from console gaming to mobile phones and smart TVs.

Videogames - Laptop computer, conducted between 15th and 17th June 2012 by ShopTo.net, discovered that new devices were stealing share of the market from your ‘traditional’ gaming market for example PlayStation and Xbox with 35% of the surveyed spending additional time winning contests on their Mobile phone.

Wii U - “Gamers are changing their gaming device of choice with increased getting their casual gaming fix from Android and iOS devices,” said Igor Cipolletta, Founder and CEO of ShopTo. “Interestingly, there has been game sales on the Nintendo consoles losing out since the casual games market on portable devices keeps growing.”

Around 65% of these surveyed owned a Nintendo wii gaming console only 4% of the had obtained a game for that console in the past 12 months. The common UK gamer owned 4 gaming devices with more than 80% of respondents running a PC, smartphone and 2 video game consoles.

“The fact is consumers have more gaming devices than ever before, with thousands of games being published every week and this, in conjunction with the possible lack of new hardware from Sony or Microsoft, is seeing consumers go on to cellular devices his or her platform associated with preference.”

“We believe this trend will reverse if the next generation of consoles are freed you start with the Wii U this Christmas.” concluded Igor.

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About ShopTo.net

Shopto.net is definitely an online retailer selling video gaming, movies and electronics. The organization, launched in early 2006 by CEO Igor Cipolletta, relies in Bracknell, United Kingdom. ShopTo.net may be the largest privately operated website in the UK with a recorded turnover of £29M inside their last financial year.

ShopTo.net announced their purchase of FetchTV the video-on-demand business on April 16th, 2012 included in a £4m deal to offer digital movie streaming to the customers.

Survey Methodology

An e-mail was sent on 15th June 2012 to customers who had purchased products in the past 12 months from ShopTo.net.

Sample size: 9008

Sampling error: /- 7%

Survey period: June 15th - June 17th 2012

For more information, please contact:

Gian Luzio

Email: gian@shopto.net

Tel: 0207 206 2307
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